Monday Motivation: A Pleasant Break

The festive season is such a delight, especially for children and their parents. A break from school, breaks the monotony. Stepping away from routine is quite therapeutic too. I have seen my grandchildren being more excited about waking up in the morning on holidays though on school days it is difficult to get them out of bed. It is probably because they are excited about the things that they plan to do during their holidays. For me, the happy energy in the house is enough to keep me smiling throughout the day.

During the festive holiday season there are so many activities to partake in. Making a Rangoli, arranging flowers, painting the diyas, or hanging the torans all can bring so much of joy. The morning vibes and having your meals with your family bring cheer and laughter into the house. Becoming a part of the traditions is important these days so that our culture is imbued into the young minds!

Holiday breaks also help in rejuvenating our minds. We all work hard either professionally or domestically but a holiday break certainly helps one to relax and rejuvenate.

This year people have spent their holidays travelling to beautiful places. Last two years of the lockdown were like being in a cage and so this sudden freedom of mobility has encouraged people to travel. The scare of Covid has also gone and so people now have the courage to travel to even far-away places and foreign countries.

My children and grandchildren are also enjoying their holiday travelling abroad. This year the holiday was dedicated to the young ones. Taking them to the zoo or to special kids zones in malls has been quite exciting for the little ones. For us as grandparents even seeing their photographs and videos gives us so much happiness.

For me, taking my parents out of Pune to a place as close as Mumbai, over the weekend was equally satisfying. Holidays should be enjoyed without having any agenda. Eating good food, going for a nice walk and relaxing in the room helps one to get charged to come back to work. I am sure many like us would have taken a nice holiday over the last week and charged their batteries.

After relaxation, there is definitely increase in one’s productivity!