Monday Motivation: Let’s Act and Not Just React!

Let’s Act and Not Just React - Dr. Vidya’s Blog

The numbers are growing every day and yet the lessons learnt are few.

I am sure many will agree that as normalcy returns, complacency sets in. We stop paying heed to warning signals that are quite evident. Messages from the government, on social media, signposts all are ignored but the worst of them all is that we start believing that we are done with COVID.  For the last two years, we have been talking about the new normal but now we need to accept the new normal.

Why is it that every time there is a surge in the number of cases we start reacting? As adults, we are responsible for our actions and the first responsibility that we have is towards ourselves. If we accept this as the new normal, then all the practices that are required for keeping Covid at bay should also become a part of our routine. It is said that it takes only 21 days for a new habit to grow and we have had almost two years to learn and evolve.

Enough and more has been written and said about Covid and I do not mean to be repetitive. But I still feel flummoxed that the lessons taught by each wave are forgotten so soon! Learning to act is being prepared all the time, not letting our guard down, wearing our masks and maintaining social distancing. They are pretty simple rules to follow, but only if we choose to follow them.

While colleges have been asked to remain closed, one wonders whether this is going to really curb the spread as the same younger generation is allowed to roam around in malls and restaurants. Therefore even if the Govt. comes up with policies in the interest of the citizens, it’s important that each one of us becomes a responsible citizen of our country and contributes to curbing the spread of the virus by practising Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB).

If each one of us had maintained CAB the way we got ourselves vaccinated, India wouldn’t have seen a rise in COVID cases. Let us promise our Hon’ble Prime Minister that each one of us, will henceforth, from this New Year ensure that we will maintain CAB and ensure that this virus is eradicated. Let us make it a habit to wear a mask at all times when leaving our homes. Let us teach our children to do the same as they will have to develop this habit too!