Monday Motivation: A Year Bygone, A New Beginning Awaited

The year bygone, 2021 is one that has brought many realisations in its wake. Today incidentally is the last Monday of 2021 and I cannot help but reminisce about the days that have gone past. The biggest threat or perhaps a mishap that the entire planet witnessed was the Covid.

While in 2020 we were hit by the pandemic, 2021 became a year of hope as the year began with massive administration of the vaccine. Initial inhibitions and myths started getting broken and people realized the benefits of the vaccine. The vaccine became a compulsory part of the healthy itinerary list. Along with this, even as we celebrated festivities we learned to exercise caution. Restricted gatherings became a norm so we learned to narrow down our friends to a smaller number. Pollution came down as travel became a less preferred choice, which on the other side allowed us time to spend time with our family. Each one of us realised that human empathy was not dead. Everyone was contributing in helping those who were suffering, irrespective of relations. Large groups came up overnight and without any vested interest went out to collaborate and help others. The youth proved their power and strength and channelized their energies to do good for society.

The earlier times had also witnessed some deadly diseases like Plague, Spanish Flu and other pandemics with similar repercussions. However, science and technology had not been so advanced at the time and the human race had struggled. With the present advances in science and technology, we have been able to overcome Covid to a large extent. Not only did we use science and technology to overcome the disease but also used them to progress in business and education. Technologically the world advanced by many decades. New revelations happened every day as we discovered that geographical boundaries became notional and got melted by using the internet. Collaborations became the mantra and people across the globe collaborated in various domains.

Now as we are ready to set foot into 2022, we do so with hope. We are all together in our endeavour to say a final goodbye to Covid.

A new year is a time to make resolutions that will strengthen us from within and keep us motivated to achieve that which we promised ourselves. Each one of us needs to give importance to HEALTH. Eat the right food, exercise regularly and think positively. As finally no matter how much wealth you create or how successful you become in your profession, what is going to stay with you is your healthy body and mind. So let us walk into 2022 with faith and belief that the ‘World is One Family’, and we will be there for those who need us. Our age-old concept of Vasudhaiv Kuttumbakam ‘वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम’ has finally become a reality!