Monday Motivation: Proud to be a Maharashtrian

I wish everyone a very Happy Maharashtra Day! This day is one of the most important days for the state’s citizens, celebrated as Maharashtra Day, commemorating a separate state formed in 1960. It also gives me great pride to acknowledge that I am a Maharashtrian.

Maharashtra has always been a pioneer in the field of education and academics. In fact, among the first three universities formed during the British Raj, the Bombay University was set up in the state. Maharashtra has some of the finest higher education institutions. The people of the State hold simplicity and humility in high regard. Maharashtrian people have had great love for Art and Culture. Marathi language has produced some of the greatest poets, actors and singers. The nightingale of India Late Lata Mangeshkar, and the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan have contributed immensely to the cultural growth of Maharashtra. Maharashtra drives the economy of our nation through its large industrial base. Industries like Tata’s, Birla’s, Reliance, and Mahindra have contributed to the economic growth and employment of Maharashtrian people. Some of Pune’s largest industries, such as Bharat Forge, Kirloskar, and Bajaj, have also contributed equally to Maharashtra. Due to industrialization, Maharashtra draws a large population from the other States of India as well and has thus created a more cosmopolitan culture here.

I am very fond of Maharashtrian food. All enjoy delicacies such as Shrikhand,Puran Poli, modak or even simple varan bhaat or Pithla Bhakhri and the all-time favourite Aloo chi bhaji. I hope that in due course of time, Maharashtrian food gains as much popularity as food from other states such as Punjab and Kerala.
Even the much-renowned Bollywood is situated in Maharashtra. It generates a lot of employment in the state and has become a seat of soft power in India. With global recognition coming its way, Bollywood has brought much fame to Maharashtra. This multi-crore industry is growing every day and draws talent from so many states of India.
While Mumbai is the industrial hub of Maharashtra, Pune has emerged as the educational hub. Even smaller towns such as Nagpur are fast-developing cities. In recent years towns such as Nashik and Kolhapur are coming into the limelight due to the various educational institutions and industries being set up here.

I am happy to have contributed to the state’s growth and development and fulfilled my duties as an educationist. However, I urge the youth of the state, too, to think beyond their own befit and work towards upholding Maharashtra’s values, culture and traditions and facilitate the growth of our country, India.