Monday Motivation: Four Year Undergraduate Programme

The National Education Policy 2020 has come with various changes. Symbiosis International University was recently commended by the Hon’ble Minister of Education, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, for implementing it in earnest at SIU. After launching the NEP in 1986, the Government of India launched this policy, which is a policy of the 21st century. The NEP 2020 is very close to my heart, too, as I was a part of the Committee on Global Outreach constituted for Implementation of NEP 2020 and contributed to the Internationalisation of Higher Education.

One of the demarcating factors between the higher education received in other countries and India is that the Bachelor’s Degree or the Undergraduate course is three years in India, vis-à-vis four years in many other countries. This disparity impedes student mobility. But now, the NEP 2020 is all set to change this pattern.

Popularly known as FYUP or the Four Year Undergraduate Programme will give flexibility to students to choose what they want to study. SIU is set to Launch the Four Year Undergraduate Programme with multiple entry and exit options as envisioned in the NEP 2020. The framework allows various options of single major, double majors, minors, multidisciplinary, ability and skill enhancement courses to help students acquire interdisciplinary learning. Moreover, the programme also promises a good blend of immersive education, research and community engagement. In addition, opportunities for semester exchange programmes with foreign universities will expose students to global practices and make them global citizens.

Furthermore, this FYUP also keeps in line with the National Credit Framework (NCrF), which the UGC recently announced. I will elaborate more for better understanding. There will be an option to exit with a Certificate on successfully completing 40 credits and four additional vocational credits. There will also be an option to exit with a Diploma on successful completion of 80 credits and four additional vocational credit. Subsequently, one can exit with a UG Degree after completing 120 credits. Finally, students will be awarded a UG Degree with Honours / Research on completing 160 credits. Additionally, re-entry is allowed within three years, and a maximum period of 7 years is also allowed to complete the programme.

Symbiosis International University already has the experience of running a four-year programme in Liberal Arts, which is very similar to the FYUO prescribed by the UGC. Under Shri Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar the Chairman of the UGC’s guidance, the UGC has taken immense efforts in ensuring the implementation of NEP 2020. The efforts being taken by the UGC is conducting workshops and training people from colleges and universities to launch the FYUP, are commendable. Also, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan has taken up the cause in the earnest. Without his constant support and guidance, the implementation of NEP 2020 could not have become a reality.

All our collaborative efforts will surely revamp the Indian Education scenario and bring our Indian Education System at par with the education system of many developed countries. Students will take the benefits that the FYUP offers and utilise them to the maximum to grow their knowledge.