Monday Motivation: Digital Skilling

Recently, the Hon’ble Minister of Education, GoI Shri Dharmendra Pradhan was here on the Symbiosis International University campus in Lavale, Pune. Though all of us in the education domain follow the reforms and policies closely, we at Symbiosis International University are quite motivated by the Hon’ble Minister’s commitment to Digital Skilling. I couldn’t agree more with him that skilling, upskilling and reskilling are most required in the present times and digital skilling is the medium that is the most appropriate path forward.

When we speak of the 21st century we cannot rely only on the skills of the 20th century which were in vogue in the yester-years. The Mckinsey by world economic forum report speaks of an 87% shortage of skills for the different industries surveyed. Out of the 2.4 Million technologists passing out only 280000 are employable.

For the present century, it is the digital skills that are most required by the present generation to walk confidently into the future. Digital skills are the need of the hour for our country which is on the threshold of changing the scenario by becoming a 5 trillion economy in the near future and becoming a developed country. Everybody knows about the demographic dividend which India has at the present moment. The size of the working population at the present is around 101 million for 2020-30 will reduce to 60 million 2030-40 and 20 million 2040-50 as per a report given by live mint on 3rd April 2022. The question they are asking is will India lose out on the demographic dividend?

Digital skills are the only answer to avoid losing out on the demographic dividend and the step taken by AICTE, that is skilling 1 crore individuals is a great step but as the figures shown in the earlier paragragh, we need to digitally skill a total of about 10 crore individuals in the oncoming decade. We have lost out on two years due to the pandemic, and therefore, it is at this juncture that the need for players with the necessary soft and hard infrastructure who can help the nation become a strong world power by providing the support steps in. Symbiosis International University has decided to be a part of this mission and help the country prosper and grow to become a world power with the core strength of skilled human resource.

It is not just a question of skills-gaps only for employment, improving the economy and achieving the demographic dividend, digital transformation is very important for industries too. Their survival is at stake too and the talent crunch the industry faces will be fulfilled. People with digital skills will replace the people without digital skills.

Symbiosis International University has therefore launched online programmes through the Dept of Continuing Education and Skill Development. These online programmes will be degree programmes with a focus on employment generation. Symbiosis has also established a large Centre for Skill Development at its Nagpur campus with skilling programmes in Beauty and wellness, Mobile repairing, Electric vehicles, Capital markets, etc. In Pune, the Symbiosis Centre for Health Skills offers skill based programmes in basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, International Trauma life support, emergency medicine and several other skilling programmes in the health sector. The conventional programmes under the university also have a large skill component, aimed at creating industry ready students.

A better and more skilled set of youth can take India to much greater heights. We are continuously learning, growing and evolving and there is no other way to achieve this than through knowledge and education. We are constantly striving to learn new ways and finding new paths and new India is all geared up to meet up this digital era through digital skilling!