50 Years of Symbiosis’ Journey

An idea was born!

50 years ago one man had a dream.. a dream to establish an organisation called ‘Symbiosis’ which is a Botanical word meaning living together of 2 different organisms for mutual benefit! This professor of Botany was Dr. S.B. Mujumdar initiated Symbiosis 50 years ago with the motto of Vasudhaiv Kuttumbakam- the world is one family. As a teacher, he believed that students can gain international understanding through quality education! He had faith that bringing Indian and foreign students together in classrooms, on playgrounds, in cafeterias, and in hostel rooms would help them understand and respect each other’s cultures thus bringing in world peace. 50 years later, this small organisation that was established in his house has become a large multidisciplinary University with several K12 Schools that have student strength of more than 45,000 students from all states of India and 85 different countries. Excellence has become a synonym for Symbiosis today!

Today I feel proud of the fact that I belong to a family that has dedicated its life to the cause of education for young men and women from across the world. A true Vishwaguru, Symbiosis! An institution that imbues its students with Indian values to create global citizens.

A salute to my father Dr. Mujumdar!!