In Conversation with Aamir Khan at the Symbiosis Golden Jubilee Lecture Series

Idols for the youth…

Symbiosis had the fortune of hosting Amir Khan at its Golden Jubilee Lecture series. Several questions were put to him by the students on topics ranging from his dedication to taking up social causes to passion for cinema, and he answered all with patience and sincerity.

These conversations led me to ponder as to who are the ideal idols icons for the youth? Actors become role models for the younger generation…why? Do their looks draw attention and idolization or is it of their physical fitness? Is it because of their films or do the youth care for what they do for society? And of course the question then becomes- Is it because of the entertainment that they provide? 

I am in sync with what Amir said. He said when he became an actor he always wondered what an actor does for society? The way a doctor heals patients, or the law makers and providers bring in justice, the police provide security in a similar manner, how do creative people or actors contribute to society? Is their role only limited to entertaining the society or extends beyond it? Amir answered that by saying that creative people leave an impact on society through their work. There was a mention of the young Amanda Gordon and the impactful narration of her poetry at the inauguration ceremony of the President of America. Through her poetry she impacted millions of youth. Amir Khan too in his own ways has impacted society through his works and films. Whether it was Dangal or Tare Zameen Par, every film projected a fresh thought and made a difference to peoples’ perspective towards the underlying problems in the society.

Having talked to Aamir I sincerely feel that gone are the days when actors were looked up to for their brawn looks. Actors like Aamir Khan make a difference to the society and are immensely respected for that!