Monday Motivation: Take a Break!

Many of you would be familiar that I write a blog under #MondayMotivation every Monday. I have been doing so for over a year, and it has become a habit. It takes a lot of effort to construct a blog and keep it rolling from one to another, and over time, it has drawn a fair amount of attention. The topic that I choose and write about reflects my thoughts, and sometimes, it even leads me to think deeply and ponder upon my perspectives, thus becoming a process in itself.

However, I decided to take a break this Monday to see what would happen! And to be honest, nothing happened! I did not feel as though I was breaking a norm! Even the audience who comment on my blogs did not ask, “Where if the Monday Motivation blog?” Though this was just one incident, it has led to a more profound thought- that we are responsible for creating a lot of the pressure we feel. When we create notions such as “I keep doing this and therefore, I must do this. I must maintain the discipline. I must keep up the perfection. If I don’t do it what will people say?” we create a domino effect of pressure on our minds. We do things because we have decided to do it on a particular day, at a particular time and in a particular way. Honestly, if you break that routine, nothing will fall apart. You will not feel anything gone amiss, nor will anyone else. So, go ahead and do it!

I strongly feel that each of us needs to take a break from the routine we have set for ourselves and simply do nothing. When you are working, don’t take a holiday; one day, when you feel you can, take a day off. I am an educationist, and I won’t tell students to miss their classes, but I have seen students whose parents ensure, and rightly so, that their children don’t miss school or their classes even for a day. But one day, try to give a surprise to your child and mid-week, tell your child not to go to school. Be honest with the teacher and tell them that you have decided to spend a day with your child on a weekday. The fun of the unplanned holiday that you and the child will experience will help break the monotony of getting up every morning and preparing the lunch box, and the child will also get to step away from it for a day. I also took a conscious break from writing my blog. Instead of a Monday, I am writing the blog on a Tuesday…and what happened? Nothing at all!

Life is a rollercoaster where we are all running after goals and perfection. Therefore, it is very important to apply the brakes at the right juncture to remain on track and stay motivated to enjoy this rollercoaster ride!