Monday Motivation: Happy Women’s Day!

We are living in a progressive age. Women are becoming aware of the need for empowerment, and I am often asked questions seeking answers to the key to women’s further empowerment. In this blog, I will bring out the answers to a few I am often asked.

One such question is, “How do you balance your work-life and personal-life?”

All women who work must maintain a work-life balance because only then can a woman be happy. One should set priorities when it is required. For example, if your kids are not well, then as a mother, you should be with them and prioritize that over work, and when you are needed in the office, you should not give lame excuses of domestic issues to run away from official work. And from my own experiences and observation of others’ work, all this is possible as women are genetically better multitaskers than men.

Another poignant question was, “What shifts have you observed in women’s ambitions?”

A very recent observation I made was during Covid, when everyone was working from home (WFH), there was a thought about whether we should continue WFH, at least for women. But before taking this decision, we did a survey, and to our shock, the study revealed that some women wanted to come to work as they believed they got more respect if they went to work. But on the other hand, if they were at home, they had to attend to household chores even if they were working from home and also wanted to be with their peers at work, which was a stress buster for them. Therefore, women realize the importance of professional respect, which reflects the respect they get for their intellect.

In context to the future, I have been asked, “As a leader, where do you see women in the future?”

Women have come a long way from what they were in the earlier times, even from about two decades ago to what they are today. Today’s woman is much more empowered. Even if she may be a housewife and not be working, she is well-informed and knowledgeable about the world. She can manage her home better economically and is good at financial investments.

Across various strata of society education of women has become an important aspect. People have understood that if the daughter is educated and empowered, she can thus empower the family that she moves into and the next generation.

In addition to these questions, many come to my mind, such as where do women want to see themselves in the future? Are they ready to realize their potential? Are they poised to overcome stereotypical words such as “breaking the glass ceiling” and “sticky floors?”

The government has launched several policies to empower, and not only urban women but even women from rural backgrounds are drawing benefits from them. Even at the Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, many women from the neighbouring villages around Lavale are given knowledge about starting their businesses. They are supported in skill enhancement and initial funding to start their business. Apart from this, we run a research program for women empowerment with Deakin University Australia, and the incubator is supported through the Deakin University collaboration. We also work closely with the Niti Aayog for women’s empowerment.

With India gaining the Presidency of G20, we are recognized as a growing economy in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. However, our growth as a nation can happen manifolds with equal participation of men and women in all sectors. As an educationist, I firmly believe that education is a sure route to empowerment, and I wish to see more and more women pursuing it. A very happy women’s day!