Monday Motivation: Every Day is Children’s Day

14th November is celebrated as Children’s day. The most important person in a family is a child. A child brings happiness and wholesomeness to the family. From the time they are born to their adolescence and their adulthood, children are the apple of their parent’s eyes. No matter how old they become or what status they reach in their professional lives, children are still like small kids for their parents. Sometimes, parents are willing to forgive their children’s wrongdoings. They are also happy to be appreciative of the good work that their children do. The duty of parents is to give the right ‘Sanskars’ to their children so that they grow up as righteous individuals with good character.

Nowadays with working parents, they can’t give as much time as what used to be given earlier, especially the time that mothers could give as housewives. However, the time that working parents should give to their children should be quality time. Parents should spend more time with their kids and not just bribe them with toys and electronic gadgets. One sees many a time that in a restaurant you have children playing video games on their parents’ smartphones while parents are busy chatting amongst themselves and to their friends. The limited time that parents have with their children, they have to ensure they spend time talking with their children or doing some activities or even by involving them in household work.

As a working mother when I brought up my children, I always tried my best to spend quality time with my children. Now as a grandmother too, I enjoy spending the same quality time with my grandchildren.

As parents, one also has to ensure that children get into good habits. Good habits of eating the right food, sleeping well, exercising and also ensuring that they are good in their studies. Habits of reading a book or writing an essay should also be imbued right from childhood. Similarly developing a hobby, learning to play one musical instrument at least is something that parents should try to inculcate amongst their children.

Finally, children bring joy, happiness and love. Nurture them well so that they become good human beings and great citizens of our country.

A very Happy Children’s Day to my dearest grandchildren and all the children! You make our lives cheerful and meaningful with your laughter and smiles. May God bless you!