Driving Past Paddy Fields on a Sunday

An early morning drive through Mulshi near Pune, this weekend, allowed me to see the lush green paddy fields, once again. The sheer greenery around was mesmerizing, and soothing at the same time. Though we have driven through this area many times in the past, it never loses its charm on me or my family. Perhaps it looked greener because of less pollution, one of the better things that have happened during this pandemic.

Paddy was being sown in the fields by the hard-working women of the area. Though it looks easy, I am sure bending a hundred times and sowing each plant just up to the right depth into the wet ground is not an easy job. Moreover, these women have to stand in ankle-deep water the entire day. Hat’s off to them!

These are the very farms that bring sustainability to our land. The cultivation in the area keeps the soil in place, makes it fertile, adds to the greenery and oxygen in the area, and additionally adds to food production. Throughout the entire landscape, one can see demarcations of farms and the farmers who smile as you pass by. The stress from the toil seems to be uplifted by the thought of a pleasant and wholesome crop. Many of them kept lifting their heads to the sky looking for black clouds and rain to nourish their crop.

This is the life that our children should at least see, if not witness and be a part of. The diversity of our lands, from mountains to lakes, from farms to open grasslands, our country is replete with them all. When our children see the hard work put in by our farmers they will learn to respect all forms of labour and every human being and grow up with humility. Life’s lessons do not always have to be big to learn from. Even the smallest things around us are enough to make one feel grateful and appreciate all that we are blessed with.